Readable's Setup Page


Readable is an application that helps you read more of the web. It reformats text — on any website — according to your exact specifications.

By presenting content in a format that you're comfortable with, it makes the reading experience much more enjoyable and quite a bit faster.

Consequently, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Readable actually makes you smarter — reading faster and more comfortably will probably result in you reading more.


I'm Gabriel Coarna. You can get in touch with me at

I'm using JavaScript to hide my email address from spam harvesters. If you're seeing this message, though, it probably means that you have JavaScript turned off, or are using a browser with no JavaScript support. JavaScript is good for the web; so you should get this fixed. In the meantime, though, here's my address: "gabriel", followed by the at symbol, followed by "".

Here's a list of reasons you might want to do that:

  • You'd like to suggest a new predefined style or color theme.
  • You'd like to tell me about a page where Readable isn't working as it should.
  • You've found some other type of error.
  • You just wanna' say Hi.

You can check out more of my projects at

The Backstory

I first had the idea for Readable while reading one of Paul Graham's essays. You see, I love the man's writing, but I kinda' hate the typography on his website.

It's not you, Paul; it's me. After all, you're actually using some very decent settings: black 13px Verdana, on a white background, with the entire page aligned to the left. But those aren't the settings I want.

So I set about building an app that reformats text to my exact specifications. Hence, that's Readable's target audience: people who have a particular — even quirky — preference for the way they want their text to look.

Readable's Setup Page