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Frequently asked questions.

Is Readable secure?

Yes, it is; as secure as it can possibly be.

All of the text processing that Readable does is actually done in your own browser; not one piece of text gets sent anywhere else.

Can I embed Readable, on my website?

Yes, you can. Just go to to the embed page. If you'd like some help, just get in touch.

Any connection to Readability?

No connection whatsoever — other than the fact that both applications aim to make reading on the web easier.

The two share no source code, and they go about achieving their stated goal in very different ways.

Technically, how is Readable built?

Readable uses JQuery, loaded through Google's CDN. Awesome font support is courtesy of Google Web Fonts. And a big part of the UX on the Setup Page is handled by Fancy Box.

Is Readable open-source?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that, if you know how JavaScript works, you can easily get to the source code — which isn't minified or obfuscated in any way. No in the sense that the source isn't on display somewhere.

Legally, Readable's source is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Can I share a page, with Readable already applied to it?

No, you can't. The explanation for why you can't is long and rather complicated; but it boils down to this: browser security restrictions.

And, yes, I could side-step those security restrictions by hosting the Readable generated page on my own URL; but I don't want to do that — basically, because it would be tantamount to stealing content from the original site.

Does Readable work with right-to-left languages?

Yes, it does. Most times, Readable will automatically detect RTL languages and set text properly. On the other hand, when Readable only suspects that RTL might be needed, you can activate it manually, via an option in the menu.

Does Readable work with NoScript?

No, unfortunately it does not. If you're using the NoScript extension, you're going to have to "Temporarily Allow" scripts on each page where you want to use Readable.

I love Readable. Can I make a donation?

Yes, you can; and thank you very much. Donations are handled through PayPal. Just click the button:

Readable's Setup Page